Andrew Carter

Andrew, a Virginia Tech alum, was born and raised in Northern Virginia and has been not just a basketball enthusiast but a Bullets/Wizards fan ever since he was a toddler shooting aluminum foil made basketballs in trash cans throughout his parents living room.  In his teenage years, Andrew used to go to friends’ houses or stand outside sports bars to watch games because he didn’t have HTS (Home Team Sports, for those not in the know) at home.  During the day, Andrew runs an afterschool program for middle- and high-schoolers, and plans events, camps, trips and excursions for middle and high schoolers for holidays and summer.  He enjoys spending his free time with his wife, family, and dog Cocoa.   In addition, he loves going to movies, collecting Funko pops, watching sports and, playing all the sports he can on the field, the court, or on XBOX.  To this day you can still hear one of Washington’s past season motto’s (and his personal favorite) reverberating through the house on game day, “GO ALL IN!!!”