Trey Johnson

My name is Trey Johnson and I am one of the many amazing contributors here at Wizards XTRA. I have been a diehard Wizards fan for my entire life and am looking forward to providing quality content for you guys this season. I started following the Wizards when I moved to DC in 2004 which was the year before Gilbert Arenas signed with the team. When Gilbert signed, that was when my Wizards fandom began. Although it has been tough, I still stick with this team because I like to remain loyal to the teams I root for. When the Wizards are not playing in a game, I like to look at the state of the team through contracts, advanced statistics, etc. I want to be able to share my knowledge of not just my observations during games but also updates of key events that happen through a various amount of sources. Once again, I cannot wait for the upcoming NBA season and what the Wizards have in store this season will be interesting. I look forward to covering this team here at Wizards XTRA.